Passionate. Unconventional. Fuel.

“Once we accept that knowledge is tentative, and that we are probably going to improve our knowledge in important ways when we learn more about the world, we are less likely to reject new information that conflicts with our present ideas. The attitude of expectancy will allow us to apply insights gained at one level of generality to other levels. No particular kind of knowledge will have such authority that it will automatically exclude certain possibilities in another field of knowledge.” Ray Peat, PhD

If there is one thing I can convey to people about nutrition, it is that things are not always what they seem. Over the last ten years, I have learned, unlearned, and re-learned numerous nutritional principles and philosophies. While the journey was not always an easy one, I have had the opportunity to take the best from each “dietary philosophy” I have studied.  My most recent areas of study include coursework through the Nutritional Therapy Association, coupled with independent study of the both brilliant and  mystifying Ray Peat, PhD (Endocrinology).

Health and healing is a journey. Just as disease doesn’t happen overnight, healing doesn’t either. In order to heal our bodies, we must remove stressors and build up nutrients in the body to restore vitality.  Our modern world demands un-modern nutrition. My goal is to help empower and educate my clients to transform their dis-ease with every bite.

Let me help you bridge the gap to abundant nutrition.


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